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Current SRMI Member - Ancestor(s), State

V. Brian Anderson-  Patrick McGonigal, VA

LaVerne L. Aves-  Thomas Dysinger, PA                                        

David A. Brant-  Sgt James McDermott, PA

John C. Bukoski-  Abraham Transue, PA

Dan K. Clements-  Daniel Puffer, MA

Michael B. Culp-  Gerardus Townsend, NY

Thomas E. Doty-  John Doty, MA

David H. Eddy-  William Chivvis, VA

Adam W. Gaines-  

   Capt. George Terrell, Jr., CT :  

George Terrell, Jr. was baptized 28 Jan. 1728 in Milford, Connecticut. His parents were George Terrell, Sr. and Abigail Hine. Before the Revolution, his family removed to Newtown. On 04 Dec. 1754, he married Sarah Sherman in Newtown. When the Revolution broke out he was serving as a Selectman and presided over many meetings of Patriotic Committees during the war. In April of 1779, the General Assembly of Connecticut appointed him a Captain in the 16th Connecticut Militia and was among the troops called out for the defense of Connecticut. He was on Coast Guard duty at Horseneck, Connecticut until Nov. 1779. He died on 07 April 1806 and is buried in Newtown, CT.

Anders Garner-  Pvt. John Sackett, NY

Gary L. Gibson-  Sgt. Samuel Gibson, CT

Samuel was born April 16, 1739 in Middletown Upper Houses, now Cromwell, Connecticut, the Son of John and Marcy (Sage) Gipson. John and Marcy were both deceased by 1761, so Samuel decided to strike out on his own. He moved to Glastonbury CT and purchased land in 1766, where he took up farming. He joined the Eastbury Society Congregational Church and eventually became a Deacon. Also in 1766, Samuel married Mary Kimberly, the daughter of Thomas and Mary Kimberly. Thomas Kimberly was one of the most learned men in Glastonbury. It was said that he possessed the largest private library in that part of the Colony. He was a lawyer, and held the title of "Squire”. Samuel was a successful farmer, and an ardent patriot. He again purchased more property in 1775. On the land deed in the Glastonbury Town Clerk's office, the reference to "the reign of our Sovereign Lord King George III" was scratched out, and Samuel's signature appears below that. It is interesting to note that Samuel was born Samuel Gipson. After the Revolution, he signed his name Samuel Gibson. It is speculated that he changed his name to further distance himself from the British Crown, and to have a fresh start, as his country did. Samuel served as a Sergeant in Capt. Hale's Company, Col. Wollcott's Regiment. Samuel and his company saw service in the Siege of Boston in 1775, as well as the defeat at the Battle of Long Island, New York. Luckily, he was able to swim, and made it back to Glastonbury. Samuel and Mary continued farming and raised their family on the same farm in Glastonbury. Samuel died May 31, 1817, and was buried in John Tom Hill Cemetery on Hebron Avenue, a few miles outside of Glastonbury. Mary died in 1832. The cemetery is just an acre of land, and within its boarders are three generations of Gibsons, as well as other related families.

Donald E. Gradeless-  Joseph Waugh, CT

Keith G. Harrison-  James Sherman, RI

Nathan L. Harrison-  James Sherman, RI

Charles Harthy- 

   Corp. Paul Otis, MA: 

He joined Capt. William Hudson Ballard's Co, under Col. James Frye's Regiment of the Massachusetts line at Cambridge 13 December 1775. Later, he joined Capt. John Drew's Co. in the New Hampshire Line on 12 May 1777 for three years. He was a Corporal in this unit. He was at Ticonderoga, Fort Ann, in the retreat before Burgoyne and in the Genesee Country and wintered at Valley Forge. He is buried at Gilmanton, NH.

   Joseph Corwin, NJ:  

He entered service in the New Jersey Troops on 01 April 1775 to watch the movement of "Internal Enemies” and answer alarms. He rejoined the State Troops on 01 July 1776 and saw battle at White Plains, Forts Washington and Lee and Long Island. He is buried at Chester, NJ.

   Pvt. John Gee, NY:  

Pvt. John Gee enlisted at Goshen, NY in Capt. Wood's Co, under Col. Phillip VanCortland in the New York Continental Line in 1779 for three months. He joined Capt. Nathaniel Norton's Co. under Wisinfelt's(sp) Regiment and was honorably discharged at Newburgh in June 1783. He was in the battles of Fort Stanwix, Newtown, Fort Plain and in the Genesee Country. He received Bounty Land totaling 700 acres for his service. He and his wife have markers in the North Barton, NY Cemetery.

Charles Haughey-  

   Thomas Haughey, VA: 

Thomas was born in 1759 and was a member of the Montgomery County, VA Militia in 1777 for three years under the Command of Captain Flower Swift. After the war, he procured a Military Land Grant of 80 acres in Grayson Co., VA where he settled until removing through the Cumberland Gap to Ohio in 1815. He donated some of his property for the first school in Bowersville, OH, aptly named the Haughey School. Thomas fathered 18 children with his wife Vilet Claunch and was the grandfather of 80. He instilled in his children and grandchildren a respect and love of land and country that continues on until today. Thomas passed away in 1847 and is buried beside his beloved wife in the Hussey Cemetery in Bowersville, Ohio.

Fred R. Hickok- Sgt Durlin Hickok, MA

Geoffrey A. Hickok- Capt Ezra Hickok, Jr, MA; Sgt Durlin Hickok, MA

James William Hickok- Sgt Durlin Hickok, MA

Jeffrey F. Hickok- Sgt Durlin Hickok, MA

Richard F. Hickok- Sgt Durlin Hickok, MA

Walter Ernest Hickok- 

   Ensign John Hickok, CT: 

John was born 17 April 1734 in Waterbury, New Haven Co., Connecticut. He was the son of Ebenezer and Abigail Stephens-Hickok and their third child. In 1757 John married Lydia Kellogg daughter of Eliaseph and Rachel Benedict-Kellogg in Norwalk, Fairfield, CT. On April 7th, 1756 John joined David Wooster, Colonel and Captain of the First Co., Second Regiment during the French and Indian War. John’s brother, Seth was killed while in service to this war. In 1776 John left his family of seven to join the cause of the American Revolution and served with the Ninth Regiment of Militia under his old commander, now General David Wooster, in Capt. Daniel Benedict’s Co. After returing from a march while in this Company, he learned his son John Jr. had died while imprisoned on the vile prison ships of the British. He is interred at the Hickok Cemetery in New Canaan, CT on Valley Rd. John passed away in freedom on April 5th 1810 in New Canaan, CT. One of many in the Hickok family that fought for the freedom of America. 

Paul D. Hodges-  Johannes Alspach,

Theron N. Hopkins-  Ambrose Ward, CT

William E. Huber-  Dr. Silas Allen (Surgeon),CT

Lt Col Stewart M. Johnston, USMC-  Capt. Amasa Sheldon, MA

Hon Donald A. Johnston III-  Capt. Amasa Sheldon, MA

Michael E. Keen-  Ebenezer Keen, MA

D. Kerry Krenshaw, Esq.- Col John Thornton, VA

Raymond W. Le May III-  Pvt. John Tubbs, CT; Capt. Josiah Buell CT

Jack C. Lavis-  

Steven Scott Martin-

   John Armstrong III, VT:   

John was a resident of Bennington, VT and served as a VT Militia Private in Coln. Herricks Regmt.; Captain William Hutchins Co. (11 Oct 1780), and Coln. Eben. Walbridge’s Regmt.; Captain Isaac Tichnor’s Co. (13 Oct 1781) both credited for 8 days service each.

   Corp. Anderson Minor/Miner, Jr., MA: 

Anderson was a Norwich, MA Militaman under the command of Coln. Seth Pomroy early in the war. He enlisted 27 April 1775 for 9 months under Captain Eliakim Smith and under Coln. Jonathan Ward; Capt. Moses Kellogg. He was at the Battle of Bunker Hill and fought at the Battle of White Plains, NY. In June 1776 he enlisted as a Corporal for 6 months under Coln. Samuel Seldon; Capt. Eliphalet Holmes Co.

Ray L. McMillen-  John McMillen, RI

David E. Miller-  Pvt  Jonathan Miller, Jr., CT

Herman L. Miller-  

William A. C. Myers-  Joseph Chapin, CT

James R. Neal-  Elisha Bidwell, CT

John D. Parry-  Pvt Ashel Thayer, MA

Garrod S. Post-  Simeon Post, CT

L. Norris Post-  Simeon Post, CT

Lt Col (Ret) Max J. Riekse- Capt. Nathaniel Pratt, NY

Lynn A. Roby-  John Pier, MA

Ronald G. Shull-  Solomon Shull, PA

David S. Smith-  Heinrich (Henry) Fitting, PA

Brian M. Snover-  Dr. Edward Estes, Jr., RI

David W. Thomas-  Pvt Alexander Negley, PA

Gary R. Thomas-  Samuel Dally, NJ; Jermiah Dally, NJ

Paul C. Thomas-  Samuel Dally, NJ

Phillip S. Troyer-  George Gray, PA

R. Lee Wade-  Richard Wade III, VA

Joseph C. Williams- Pvt. Jonathan Chase, MA

Samuel J. Williams- Pvt  Jonathan Chase, MA

James W, Willoughby-  Capt Edward Salmon, MD

James F. Winterhalter-  Sgt Amos Parker, CT

George L. Wood-  Fifer Abiathar Lincoln, MA


James T. Gorno-  Samuel Dally, NJ

James M. McMillen-  John McMillen, RI

Nicholas E. Miller-  Pvt Jonathan Miller, Jr., CT

Jacob W. Miller-  Pvt. Jonathan Miller, Jr., CT

James Baader Pahl- Pvt. Conrad Boyer, PA

Richard E. Riekse-  Capt. Nathaniel Pratt, NY

Blake Addison Thomas-  Samuel Dally, NJ

Prospective Members:

Daniel Lee Allmon-Mcfarlane-  Thomas Almond, Sr., NC

Jay Alan Baldwin-  Archibald McMillan, NH

Walter B. Garrett, Jr.- Nathan Busick, MD

Peter Anthony Inge-  Ezekiel Brown, PA

Dennis Carey Zeiss-  Pvt. Samuel Carey, PA

Current Members of SRMI are requested to sent to the Webmaster a short Biography of your Reolutionary War Ancestor(s).

We remember the passing of our good friends and fellow Patriots of the Michigan Society Sons of the Revolution:

We are deaply saddened by the passing of Patriot Richard “Dick” Wood who went into the arms of his Savior on 13 July 2014. Prayers for him and his family are extended by the Patriots of the Michigan     Sons of the Revolution. Richard is the brother of George Wood and shares the same Rev War ancestor, Fifer Abiathar Lincoln of Massachusetts. Richard was 83 at his passing. May God Bless and keep him.