Spring Meeting    Lexington - Concord Day 16 April 2017     GAR Museum, Eaton Rapids

                                                      In Remembrance

      19 April 1775   Lexington-Concord, MA Day The Shot Heard 'Round The World

A meeting was called to order at 2:20 pm by President Geoffrey Hickok in honor of Lexington-Concord Day 19 April Alarm. Present were: G. Hickok, K. Harrison, S. Martin, R. Shull and V. B. Anderson. Steve Martin was Pro-Tem Secretary in the absence of Sec. Walt Hickok.

Pledge of Allegiance 

The Treasurers Report: Treasurer Keith Harrison delivered the report. Some errors were discovered and the bank is working to correct them. Total Assets: $7,776.48; Liabilities: $1,534.13; Fund Balance: $6,242.35. Members in arrears for 2017 were acknowledged and noted. V. Brian Anderson paid his 2017 dues. 

Tres. Harrison reported that GSSR had not yet requested Per Capita dues owed them from the State Society and that they should be all paid by the next meeting once we get the figure. 

Patriot V. Brian Anderson asked what were considered assets. Tres. Harrison explained they were: Checking and Savings Accounts, funds in CDs, etc. 

Motion to accept: V. Brian Anderson; Second: Ronald Shull 

The Secretary’s Report: Given by Geoffrey A. Hickok was read and approved.

Motion to accept: K. Harrison; Second: V. Brian Anderson

Registrar’s Report: G. Hickok spoke about getting our Webpage up to date and having Rev War ancestor bios submitted to include on page. He also spoke of encouraging new prospective applicants to complete applications in full. Reg. Hickok said that there were a few possible members ‘on deck’ for consideration.

Historian’s Report: Continuing discussion on were records should be stored and other materials. The point was raised by Keith Harrison about losing legal custody and ownership of records and materials and that it must be approached carefully. Even ‘loans’ are not safe from being usurped. President Hickok acknowledged that was a valid point and that legal advise may have to be sought and considered before moving forward.

Brian Anderson stated he thought most records should be stored by the Registrar.

Pres. Hickok mentioned that Holland may be a good area for recruitment since it had a very large Chapter in the past and many descendants may still exist there that could be possible members. A visit or query to the Historical Society might be a good start.

Old Business: None discussed

New Business:  President Hickok said he needed a new photo for the webpage for the Presidents Page. We will just swap out Gary’s pic with his and keep the page as is with Pres. Hickok signature replacing Past Pres. Gibson’s. 

GSSR requested a consent form be signed to acknowledge the SR Logo and Insignia’s copyright Trademark protection. Pres. Hickok was assured by HQ Director Jeff Lambert that we could still use these emblems on merchandise we sell.

Motion to accept: V. Brian Anderson; Second: Ronald Shull

President Hickok then signed the form acknowledging the GSSR Trademark and will return the form to Patriot Lambert at GSSR HQ in Williamsburg, VA.

A motion to adjourn was asked for by Pres. Hickok and made by V. Brian Anderson with Second by Ronald Shull. Approved by voice vote and the meeting was adjourned by Pres. G. Hickok at 3:35 pm. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Steven S. Martin Pro-Tem

Walter E. Hickok

Secretary SRMI

GAR Hall and Mus. Eaton Rapids,